Envelope Cushion

Over the the Summer, we moved the girls into the bigger bedrooms. Big bedrooms for big grown up girls going to school. (sad sigh from mummy) But there’s always a silver lining isn’t there, and mine comes in the form of my very own little craft room/office/reading room/QUIET PLACE!

Have a look at my Pinterest board of the ideas I had. I added a choral pink accent to the grey, blue and mustard colour scheme and I love it. A while back I acquired some unwanted fabric samples from Next. Have a look here at the first project I made with them. After a search through the folded pile I came across this striped upholstery fabric. I wanted the day bed to be cosy and full of comfy cushions, and the soft blues and creams are a nice compliment to the other colours.


Now this make is totally void of any correct technique in terms of making cushion covers, however I like the outcome and managed to use this cut off really well I think. The piece has a curtain ring attached to it so I’ve figured this into the design. So here goes

You will need

  • Cushion – mine measured 16in x 16in
  • Fabric of your choice – mine measured 27in x 27in
  •  Button designed for jeans or a toggle or a strong large button
  •  Sewing machine and sewing supplies

cusion cover


  1. Place cushion on the fabric. I chose to to have an asymmetric pattern
  2. Fold three of the corners in to the middle, trying to match up your pattern. Pin and sew in place. I used a zig zag stitch. Make your cushion cover slightly smaller than the dimensions of the cushion and this will give you a more plumped up effect.
  3. Push the back of the button clasp through the inside of the cover and snap the front of the clasp on.
  4. Attach a loop of elastic to your button/toggle and then feed through and secure. If you don’t have a hole already in the fabric you could just sew the elastic to the corner that’s left unsewn, and secure it to your button/toggle in the same way.

So there it is…an alternative pattern and very easy cushion cover to make.



Frozen Party!

It’s safe to say that I loved planning this little do! The girls have loved Frozen from the moment we saw it at the cinema in January!

There are a million and one ideas out there on Pinterest so it’s hard to be totally original, but even so these were my birthday party makes…

The Cake…

Last years birthday cake was Tinkerbell, and Lilia asked for a Princess Anna this year. It was exactly the same concept…a domed cake tin like this one. I hired mine from Cupcake World. I bought a cheap Princess Anna doll from ebay, and I’m afraid she sacrificed a leg so that I could push her into the cake! This was my first attempt at piping…I’ll keep trying :)



The Food

The usual party food was themed so the children could imagine they were eating from the celebrations in Arendelle.

  • Sven’s carrots
  • Troll’s rock cakes (rice crispy buns)
  • Frozen hearts (chocolate dipped strawberries)
  • Olaf’s noses (cheesy puffs)

These are just a few of the bits and pieces we had for lunch. All washed down with snowman milk bottles.


The Party Bags

Party bags are always fun, but I wanted to give the children something that would last for a little while. Magic gloves that are one size to fit all are fun….and useful. A Frozen themed pencil nestled inside. I put together a bag of snowman parts for the children to build their own snowman…and then eat him!



To make these you will need

  • clear sweetie bags (ebay)
  • folded paper ‘thank you’ tag to staple onto the bag (made in Word & printed at home)
  • marshmallows (body)
  • twiglets (arms)
  • chocolate raisins (eyes and buttons)
  • orange tic tacs (noses)

All tied up with a pretty pink bow to match Princess Anna’s colours.

  • party bag

The Games

No photos unfortunately…I was having too much fun!

  • Pin the nose on Olaf – draw a really big Olaf and cut out an orange nose for each child…you can guess the rest :)
  • Snowball Race – Each child is given a cotton wool ball and a straw. They have to blow their ‘snowball’ to the finish line as quickly as possible…clean your kitchen floor before you do this game. ha ha
  • Frozen musical statues – dancing to the music from Queen Elsa’s Coronation of course!
  • Selfie Booth – with a pale blue and sparkly backdrop the girls had fun dressing up and pulling their funniest faces together. I emailed these to parents with a thank you letter.

Lilia had a lovely day and we left the decorations up for a week so we could eat in the Ice Palace :)

Apples, Blackberries & Woodland Breakfasts

Our last few holiday adventures have started to feel very autumnal already! The other day we woke to a beautiful morning so we packed our breakfast into a rucksack and headed for our nearby woods.


After climbing trees and playing hide and seek we wandered back home passing some blackberry bushes. The girls were so pleased so an impromptu fruit picking session was underway!


Back at home I consulted my trusty Be-Ro book as I did here on our other baking day, and we got to work on some yummy crumble. Now, 3 years ago, we bought and planted an apple tree for Lilia’s first birthday and this year we got to pick our first crop of 5, yes count them, 5 delicious apples. So, as you can imagine this was a very special crumble!


With only a small amount of fruit I halved the recipe, but if you have lots, follow these measurements

  • 350g – Fruit
  • 50g Margarine
  • 100g Self Raising flour
  • 50g Sugar (I actually use a little less)
  1. Put the fruit into an oven proof dish with a little of the sugar
  2. Rub the marg and flour together to make crumbs
  3. Stir in the sugar well
  4. Sprinkle the crumble over the fruit
  5. Bake for approx 30 mins or until your crumble is just browning and the fruit juices are bubbling
  6. Serve with custard!!!

It’s a really simple make. And they didn’t even last long enough for me to take a picture! Enjoy :)



Holiday Craft #3

Ok so this isn’t so much a craft as an activity really, but definitely something you could easily do. Grab the little play kitchen if you have one or a low table is great too. It’s safe to say I was feeling actually pretty rotten the other day. If I was on my own I would have curled up with a hot water bottle a cup of tea and slept it away. But with two children hungry for holiday entertainment I summoned up the energy to set this little activity up that I knew could keep them happy for a good few hours.

Anyone seen ‘I Can Cook? We enjoy watching it together and trying out the recipes. I told the girls to go play while I measured out ingredients for them to make a batch of 6 buns each.

beroMy mum bought me this Be-Ro recipe book. No mum should be without this classic culinary guide! Each little chef had…

  • 2oz butter
  • 20z sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 2oz self raising flour

From the comfort of the kitchen table I nursed a cup of tea and away they went. They were thrilled to be baking totally independently and loved having to search all the miniature cupboards of their play kitchen for the ingredients. I talked to them about folding the flour in slowly so as not to beat out the air (and also prolong the process ;) )

They spent 30 mins washing up!

After lunch we snuggled with a film and if I’m honest I spent most of that time checking my eyelids for holes!

They then spent the majority of the afternoon in fondant heaven!
When daddy came in from work they set up their bakery shop and sold their wares. All in time for supper, bath and bed! Job done. Even though I was feeling poorly I actually loved just watching them and taking in every detail of what they were doing. It was nice to not have to rush them.

Do you ever have ‘those days’ that just seem a bit harder than all the rest? What ideas do you have to make everyones day run a little smoother?

That’s about it for the holiday blog posts. Back to school next week, but keep an eye out for Lilia’s birthday party fun!


Britain Does Vintage


Saturdays are very busy days in our household, hang on…any day is a busy day in our household! Haha. But today, while doing the dancing class run and quick shopping trip for this afternoons family fun (watch this space!) I popped into the Vintage Fair in Huddersfield Town Hall. Have a look here at the various events around the country.

Britain Does Vintage

I love our town hall and it was the perfect setting for a nice variety of vintage stalls. One in particular was like viewing a war time museum. It was fascinating and the gentleman was more than happy to tell us all about the different pieces.

A couple of stalls caught my eye.

Cameo Rose displayed the most beautiful bouquets.



They also create a variety of wedding and event pieces such as table plans, candle holders and hanging birdcages. If I were to be planning my wedding now I would definitely be choosing some items from this lovely venue styling boutique.

Anntwackey Vintage stall gave us ‘beautiful vintage clothing’, and there was a shiny array of accessories.


Amongst the many pre-loved clothing rails, there were some stunningly handmade dresses. Now you know I’m enjoying making my own clothes at the minute and I spoke to the lady about the details she puts into the designs. Her shop is called Flower Corner in Barnsley. No website that I can find.


Her little shop isn’t far from me, so I will be taking a trip over there soon.

As we wandered around, the great hall was filled with the beautiful tones of The Daisy Belles.


They looked stunning, sang beautifully and added a lovely atmosphere as people meandered and chatted. Lilia and I stood for ages just watching them, and she watched them even longer while I eyed up a pretty pink tea-set!

A very nice hour spent on my busy Saturday. Look out for other fairs near you around the country.

(I have not been asked by any of the businesses to write this blog :) I just thought it was lovely and wanted to share)


Holiday Kids Craft #2

Back to School Bling!

I don’t really like thinking about going back to school when we are in the middle of the holidays, however if I tick a few things off the ‘to do’ list as I see them I’m sure it will make my life easier. So while doing a Supermarket dash this weekend I spotted the good ol’ black school pumps. My girls wear them as indoor shoes. At only a few pounds it seemed silly not to get them now before all the sizes disappear.

Now, picture the scene…1st day back in the new term…a cloakroom full of little bodies and their emotional mums leaving their babies at school for the first time…and a sea of identical plain black indoor pumps. At 4 years old how can you decipher between your little friends’ pumps and your own? We have a solution that’s fun to do too :)

 Here’s what you will need


Once again, like the Holiday Kids Craft #1, this little craft for the kids is simple. Be aware though, I would advise you do the sticking with the hot glue gun! Let the children pick out some brightly coloured gems, or shiny confetti. I tied in a little bit of numeracy and design here by doing some counting and adding up with the girls. We talked about symmetry so that each shoe would match. They placed the gems where they wanted them and then I stuck them down with the hot glue gun.


bling 3


All that’s left to do is a little Happy Feet dance, pop them in the pump bags ready for September and tick one of my jobs off the list :)

As an aside…Amélie has been showing interest in the camera of late so I’ve been involving her in my blog photography. Lilia joined in to help too and I had to take this little snap…they were both behind the chair but it looked like I had an incredibly long child! haha



Are you enjoying the holidays, or can you not wait for the new term to start?!? Post me a picture if you and your kiddos decorate some pumps too.

Bye for now




Holiday Kids Craft #1

Well hello! We have been on our jolly hols for a couple of weeks and my was it wonderful! I’ll have to tell you about it, but for now how about sharing some ideas for kids holiday activities? Join me and let me know the kinds of things you get up with your kiddos. Here’s what we did today…

My girls are really ‘good’, but I do find that every morning I’m saying the same things. The list goes something like this

  • Have you brushed your teeth?
  • Can you make your bed please
  • Have you got your shoes ready?
  • Where is your book bag for school…that you need EVERYDAY!!


So, I saw this thing on Pinterest :) A crafty activity for the children to do that actually has lasting advantage into the school term too. It’s a door hanger with simple tasks that need doing every day. I figured it was time my girls learnt a little bit about taking responsibility for their own things. Don’t worry, I’m not encouraging child labour here but hopefully they will start to think about the little things rather than just assume they magically appear by a fairy (Mummy Fairy!)

Here’s what you will need

door hang1

  • The method is very simple. Just let your little ones decorate their own hanger. I got out all my nice punches and shiny card and they were off.
  • Together we discussed and chose just a few tasks that needed to completed be every day. You can see that these are the things they do anyway!

They were so enthusiastic about their little project…just so they could put their pegs on the ‘done’ side, they both ran upstairs got washed for the second time today, brushed their teeth again and unmade their beds so they could remake them!



Do you have any thrifty holiday ideas to share? I’ve got a few more lined up so stay tuned.

Happy Holidays