Britain Does Vintage


Saturdays are very busy days in our household, hang on…any day is a busy day in our household! Haha. But today, while doing the dancing class run and quick shopping trip for this afternoons family fun (watch this space!) I popped into the Vintage Fair in Huddersfield Town Hall. Have a look here at the various events around the country.

Britain Does Vintage

I love our town hall and it was the perfect setting for a nice variety of vintage stalls. One in particular was like viewing a war time museum. It was fascinating and the gentleman was more than happy to tell us all about the different pieces.

A couple of stalls caught my eye.

Cameo Rose displayed the most beautiful bouquets.



They also create a variety of wedding and event pieces such as table plans, candle holders and hanging birdcages. If I were to be planning my wedding now I would definitely be choosing some items from this lovely venue styling boutique.

Anntwackey Vintage stall gave us ‘beautiful vintage clothing’, and there was a shiny array of accessories.


Amongst the many pre-loved clothing rails, there were some stunningly handmade dresses. Now you know I’m enjoying making my own clothes at the minute and I spoke to the lady about the details she puts into the designs. Her shop is called Flower Corner in Barnsley. No website that I can find.


Her little shop isn’t far from me, so I will be taking a trip over there soon.

As we wandered around, the great hall was filled with the beautiful tones of The Daisy Belles.


They looked stunning, sang beautifully and added a lovely atmosphere as people meandered and chatted. Lilia and I stood for ages just watching them, and she watched them even longer while I eyed up a pretty pink tea-set!

A very nice hour spent on my busy Saturday. Look out for other fairs near you around the country.

(I have not been asked by any of the businesses to write this blog :) I just thought it was lovely and wanted to share)


Holiday Kids Craft #2

Back to School Bling!

I don’t really like thinking about going back to school when we are in the middle of the holidays, however if I tick a few things off the ‘to do’ list as I see them I’m sure it will make my life easier. So while doing a Supermarket dash this weekend I spotted the good ol’ black school pumps. My girls wear them as indoor shoes. At only a few pounds it seemed silly not to get them now before all the sizes disappear.

Now, picture the scene…1st day back in the new term…a cloakroom full of little bodies and their emotional mums leaving their babies at school for the first time…and a sea of identical plain black indoor pumps. At 4 years old how can you decipher between your little friends’ pumps and your own? We have a solution that’s fun to do too :)

 Here’s what you will need


Once again, like the Holiday Kids Craft #1, this little craft for the kids is simple. Be aware though, I would advise you do the sticking with the hot glue gun! Let the children pick out some brightly coloured gems, or shiny confetti. I tied in a little bit of numeracy and design here by doing some counting and adding up with the girls. We talked about symmetry so that each shoe would match. They placed the gems where they wanted them and then I stuck them down with the hot glue gun.


bling 3


All that’s left to do is a little Happy Feet dance, pop them in the pump bags ready for September and tick one of my jobs off the list :)

As an aside…Amélie has been showing interest in the camera of late so I’ve been involving her in my blog photography. Lilia joined in to help too and I had to take this little snap…they were both behind the chair but it looked like I had an incredibly long child! haha



Are you enjoying the holidays, or can you not wait for the new term to start?!? Post me a picture if you and your kiddos decorate some pumps too.

Bye for now




Holiday Kids Craft #1

Well hello! We have been on our jolly hols for a couple of weeks and my was it wonderful! I’ll have to tell you about it, but for now how about sharing some ideas for kids holiday activities? Join me and let me know the kinds of things you get up with your kiddos. Here’s what we did today…

My girls are really ‘good’, but I do find that every morning I’m saying the same things. The list goes something like this

  • Have you brushed your teeth?
  • Can you make your bed please
  • Have you got your shoes ready?
  • Where is your book bag for school…that you need EVERYDAY!!


So, I saw this thing on Pinterest :) A crafty activity for the children to do that actually has lasting advantage into the school term too. It’s a door hanger with simple tasks that need doing every day. I figured it was time my girls learnt a little bit about taking responsibility for their own things. Don’t worry, I’m not encouraging child labour here but hopefully they will start to think about the little things rather than just assume they magically appear by a fairy (Mummy Fairy!)

Here’s what you will need

door hang1

  • The method is very simple. Just let your little ones decorate their own hanger. I got out all my nice punches and shiny card and they were off.
  • Together we discussed and chose just a few tasks that needed to completed be every day. You can see that these are the things they do anyway!

They were so enthusiastic about their little project…just so they could put their pegs on the ‘done’ side, they both ran upstairs got washed for the second time today, brushed their teeth again and unmade their beds so they could remake them!



Do you have any thrifty holiday ideas to share? I’ve got a few more lined up so stay tuned.

Happy Holidays


Rock with the Top Down


I’ve been in the studio again. I absolutely loved working on this project and I’m very proud to say I was part of it! It was a long time in the making. Have a look at these progress reports from the writers of the tracks.

It’s been titled Rock with the Top Down. Listen to it in the car (with the top down if you can) on a sunny evening and if at all possible find lovely country route to go on. I’m sure it’s enhanced by the surroundings. I guarantee if you weren’t smiling before you listened to these tracks, you will be soon after. Especially Free Your Mind!

It was great fun adding unusual harmonies, as the chord progressions don’t always go the way you would except them to.

It’s very reminiscent of many bands that I would say were influenced by the Beatles














20130402020248!Saving_Grace_W272CDTom Petty





Head here to the Audio Network site and enjoy a listen, hey why not download a couple too :) I like You and Me Forever, Free Your Mind and A New Beginning…then again Join as One is great too! Let me know which are your favourites.




Strawberry Fields Forever


Loving the weather?? Yes me too :) Mum keeps calling to ask us to go pick strawberries on her allotment. There are millions! Everyone is at it this summer…Head over to Edenfound to see where she got to, to pick a sweet, juicy crop.

photo 2 strawbs1

Last year I made some jam – well it was supposed to be jam! I had to slice it with the bread knife so I’m not sure you would call that a success, but I obviously got the boiling point wrong. This year I’ve tried again.


The recipe is very simple. Basically match the weight of your strawberries to the weight of sugar. It’s a bit concerning seeing just how much sugar goes into jam. But hey ho :) I used 2lb of strawbs and sugar, with half a lemons juice. I used this recipe.

I was so wary of getting the boiling point just right, but I think I was just shy of the correct setting this time. But I would rather it be a little runny than completely solid. At least it’s edible. Haha



What’s that you say? Bake some scones? Oh what a good idea. Tea time :)



Lights, Camera, Action

Ok, calling all ‘dancing class mums’! Amélie has her dance school show next weekend and today, all the mums had a meeting to practice super quick costume changes. I mean SUPER quick! It was a frenzy of hair pins, stripy tights spraying away whips and fluffy wigs. But once we were organised, us mums had a well oiled production line, turning Umpa Lumpa’s into Happy Feet Penguins in 90 seconds flat.

I couldn’t help but think I could do with a tool to aid me backstage, without having to juggle all the tiny but essential bits and pieces to successfully get a million little bodies on stage in time. The principle handed us a bum bag/utility belt style thingy full of all kinds of tricks to help get our little stars changed quickly. That got me thinking; I have a week to get something like that sorted…so instead of searching high and low in every shop, I got out the sewing machine. Follow this tutorial if you would like to make yourself one of these handy helpers.


  • Old pair of kids jeans
  • Fabric scraps (a piece needs to be long enough to go round your hips)
  • Clip fastening
  • Sewing supplies

First Steps

  • Cut the legs off the jeans upto the crotch and, with right sides together, sew up the bottom. You should end up with an instant bag with the waistband at the top.

show make 1


  • Measure the opening to your clip fastener. Double this and add 1cm seam allowance each side.
  • My fastener = 2cm. Doubled to 4cm
  • 1cm seam each side = 2cm
  • Total for each strap is 6cm

(Sorry if I was stating the obvious here, I just find it useful to have the numbers in tutorials :) )

  • With right sides together, sew and turn right way out. (Does anyone else find this process time consuming and frustrating?!?)
  • Press



Insert the Straps

  • Snip the waist band at the sides and insert the strap into the hole you just made.
  • Zig Zag stitch down each part of the cut opening.
  • Thread the clip fasteners onto each end, and stitch in place. Make sure it’s not too tight! You know how hot backstage gets, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable with the straps digging in.




Finishing Touches

  • Stitch some pockets to the front for hair pins and nets

show make 3

  • Stitch in some velcro for extra securityDSCF5956

Et Voila!

One very handy utility belt, an essential for any mummy helper backstage at the dancing school show. Now I can look like I know what I’m supposed to be doing, even if I’m crumbling under the pressure! Haha

show make 2


So, I am ready and organised! Lights, Camera aaaannnnnnd Action!!


Green Fingers

We are blessed with a beautiful big garden. It does have a steep slope to one side that I think we will tackle next year. I’m thinking sunken patio/BBQ area and I would love a little garden house. We will see! But for now I like to potter. Remember this project from last year? Read on to see this years :)
Our little allotment is coming on nicely this year. The strawbs haven’t been very happy but we have had success with the peas! Finally. It’s only taken three years of trying! Can’t wait to pick these. The radishes have been a very tasty addition to our salads of late. The girls have loved planting the seeds and then picking their own dinner!
DSCF5947Now this I’m pleased with…Driving down the road the other day I and noticed this in a garden!trofast-storage-combination__41587_PE136067_S4
It’s an Ikea frame for tub draws. The day after I knocked to ask if it was being left for the council to pick it up. The lady told me of their plans to move to Australia and was just there in the garden until they got chance to move it.
In true three bears style…
  • I couldn’t lift it. The frame was toooo heavy
  • Couldn’t get it in my car. It was tooooo small
  • Got it in Richards car though. It was juuuussst right!
So I dug the grass level. Stained the frame and got to work arranging the plants. Some still look a little poorly. They had been in pots for a while and were in need of a nice new home. I can now say I’m the proud owner of an ikea hack!
DSCF5943The little green hedge has a lovely story. My Great Grandad Wigglesworth (Grandad Wiggy to you and me) had a beautifully well looked after garden. When he died my mum took a cutting of his topiary box hedges. She continued to grow her own and the little plants multiplied over the years. When my bothers and I got married and got our own homes, Mum gave us ‘a Grandad Wiggy’ box hedge of our own.DSCF5941I’ve taken cuttings from mine too and have three now, so the two baby Grandad Wiggy’s are settling nicely into their new home.

Do you have any summer garden projects on the horizon? Or maybe your garden is all ready for the summer weeks ahead. (note: weeks, not months…haha…when did we ever have months of summer here?!?)


Catch you soon