A Ballet for Children



We took our two baby ballerinas to the Lawrence Batley Theatre at the weekend to see their first Ballet; The Ugly Duckling, a ballet for children. It was just lovely!

The girls were so excited and wore their best dresses for our nice afternoon out. Lawrence Batley is lovely intimate theatre and we had fantastic seats. I was really pleased that in the usual pre-show announcements about switching off mobile phones etc, they also asked the children to be very quiet, so as not to scare the animals when they came on stage. I think this encourages the correct way to behave in the theatre.

The simple story over 45 minutes sees the little ducklings and the ugly duckling hatch from their eggs and we follow Ugly on her search for belonging.

The choreography by Northern Ballet dancers Dreda Blow and Sebastian Loe was light hearted and pitched perfectly for their target audience. 

The costumes cleverly characterised and personified the animals and their personalities. My favourite were the frogs in their 1920’s style swimming gear and huge hands!

ImageAnd what every little girl ballerina loves to see are the traditional tutus, beautifully worn in this show by the Swan Queen and Ugly herself, when she is transformed. I heard Amélie, who is 5, draw in a breathe when the Queen floated effortlessly onto stage, and she had little tears in her eyes at the finale bows.

A magical time with my family at the ballet, and I would recommend this show to those who enjoy going to the theatre with their children.




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