Phew! What a few weeks. I’ve been so busy with work and it’s fantastic. Last weekend my Little Voices Choir (part of the Huddersfield Young Singers) performed their very own concert to family and friends. I was so very proud of them. They are so little and remembered their song words even better than I did 🙂 Well done my Little Voices!!


Last week I was invited to lead a Ballet workshop for a local school. They were studying Russia in Culture Week and I was honoured to be asked to dance for the class and take them through some exercises. I can’t wait to go back and watch their performance. 


This week I’ve been at Ryburn Valley High School leading drama workshops alongside James Varley and Joshua Brown, two actors that you will recognise fro many popular TV programmes and some short films. Check them out here..



We worked with year 7 pupils for two days to produce some Mockumentary style performances. Lots of fun was had by all and it was great to be part of the creative process and see how pleased they were with the outcome.


Think I need to book an afternoon tea in somewhere to relax a little now…hmm…yes…a very good idea 🙂



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