Life Is A Song!


Three stunning faces and three amazing voices. Sam Smith, Ella Eyre & Emili Sandé

We are constantly listening to music in our house and tapping in to find new artists and new sounds I like. My students have a wide range in music tastes between them from Musical Theatre to Indie, Eta James to the Arctic Monkeys! My gadget award here goes to the Minirig. This little portable speaker has a fab sound and is brilliant for me to take around to all the workshops I do. I don’t like to chance a sound system not working during a lesson or workshop and with this plugged into my iPod it works perfectly in rooms big and small. It also serves me well when working in our own StudiOK too. I have it plugged into my laptop just in case I need access tracks on there.


I endeavour to challenge my pupils to broaden their musical knowledge and develop their vocal skill and range at the same time. Last year some students took their Musical Theatre exams with the London College of Music and we studied songs from the 1920’s, 70’s and more contemporary pieces. What an eclectic programme we had. It was great!

Some examples included Swanee written by the George Gershwin and Irving Caesar in 1919, On My Own from Les Miserables and I‘m Not That Girl from Wicked. The Minirig came into it’s own on this occasion. We were unfamiliar with the exam room set-up and what sound systems were available, but with the iPod and the Minirig together, my students were confident knowing volume would be sufficient and quality would be guaranteed.

Presently, one student; a pianist and a singer is working on some performance pieces. I recently discovered Ella Eyre. Collaborating with Rudimental, Naughty Boy & Bastille, I find her voice raw and edgy.

I’ve heard bits and pieces from Sam Smith in his feature in La La La – Naughty Boy for example. His voice only really jumped out to me recently with Nirvana. Here’s another acoustic version from Abbey Road. The effortless quality of his voice and haunting harmonies are addictive. I can’t stop listening to it!

I can’t wait to hear Aimee’s versions of these songs. Check back here soon to listen to her recordings.

If you would like to know more about the workshops and lessons I offer drop me a line.

Enjoy the music! I certainly do



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