That Friday Feeling!!



I’ve got that Friday feeling and what better way to enter the weekend with a fab playlist.

I was driving the other day and so many songs appeared in my playlist that made me just smile and feel happy…. Got me started on an idea for a performing arts workshop. What does ‘happy’ sound like, and how do we get that Friday feeling through music? I think I’m going to put this idea to my voice students as their next project. Here are my musings in their earliest form for you to have a think on.

‘Happy’…What’s the first thing that comes in to your head? A smile, chocolate, your children, a quiet hour to yourself? What words come from inside you to share how you feel? How would your soundtrack to ‘happy’ play out?

Here’s mine…

I defy you to not want to skip down the road like these happy people!

Nina Simone…A-MA-ZING! Simplicity + Soul = Stunning

We saw Einaudi last year. It was the most beautiful concert I’ve ever been to. You could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium. I drifted somewhere else listening to these gorgeous tracks.

Not sure I’m digging his Jockey hat/ear-warmer, but I’m definitely loving the feel of this track. Give it ’till about 45 seconds to get going. Check out this short interview with Gregory Porter.

OK, don’t judge me! four buddies and I sang this at my 30th birthday party….with a dance routine as well…oh yes we did!! And that makes me happy 🙂

What is it about certain pieces of music that take us away from the here and now, that evoke emotion, that focus the mind? Maybe it’s the technical structure of the song or the careful instrumentation of the piece. I find it fascinating that music can transport us to another time and place that’s buried deep in our minds’ store of images, memories and experiences. At times music can just wash over us, and on other occasions it actually affects us and makes a lasting impact.

I leave you with this thought from Hans Christian Andersen

“Where words fail, music speaks”


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