It’s a Shure Thing…

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So, we have invested in a new microphone. Instruments and gear seem to be breading in the studio. There must be something in the water! You may remember I mentioned that a student of mine was rehearsing some songs to perform…have a recap here. Great tracks! We have a scheduled recording for next week and I wanted to get the best possible sound but using a fairly straight forward set up. So the Beta 87a will go into the D.A.V pre-amps, through the Crane Song Falcon valve compressor, the SSL super analogue channel and into Pro Tools 11 HD.…then back out the other end sounding A…MA…ZING. If it doesn’t sound good after going through all that lot, nothing will! Haha

We chose the Shure Beta 87a. It’s a little more detailed than the SM58 and handles well for a recording such as this, where Aimee will be singing and playing at the same time. So a big studio confessor mic isn’t really a practical option in this case. Reviews rave about the clarity it gives and the richness in tone. We shall see. I’ll be putting it to the test next week and will post up some videos of the final product.

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