This is going to be my new little feature here at Handmade with Love. When I have those times in between the bits and pieces I love to do and share with you, I’m going to let you into my head…be afraid, be very afraid. How do you fancy it? A little insight in to the musings of an Afternoon Tea-aholic with a small addiction to pretty things, mum of two and teacher. You’re in for a treat!

Here we go with our first instalment.




The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald….k, so this wasn’t that recently actually, but I’m in the slow readers club, so I’m on with another book now that might be finished by Christmas!

I enjoyed this book as it’s not very long! Reading makes me sleepy so I can only get through a few pages at a time. I like the way it transported me straight to the time in which it’s set. I was clearly imagining the glamour and style at Gatsby’s house and lavish whims of some of the characters. I don’t feel like I engaged with any of the characters particularly though. I didn’t ‘feel’ for them in their situations, but was still interested to continue to read about what happened. Maybe I missed something? The writer captures brilliantly the details of the high life of the 1920’s and it’s ultimate destruction of members of the higher social classes.




To Nouvelle Vague… With the work Richard and I do we are always looking for new sounds and inspiring arrangements. I stumbled upon this band recently and, although not particularly a new band, I love the soft tone and chilled vibe. It’s the kind of music you might listen to on a grey day when the rain is distorting your view out of the window. It’s calm but interesting and draws you in through the lead singers varied vocal approach. They mainly do covers which is great to hear such different versions of a variety of genres. Have a listen here

I love their version of Love Will Tear Us Apart by Punk band Joy Division.

In A Manner of Speaking, originally by Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, is just as laid back. I can imagine being sat in the back of a rustic Parisian bar sipping a Martini and letting the soft sounds wash over me. (D’ya think I need a holiday?!?)



About this quote…


It might be a bit sickly sweet for some of you, but I found it endearing. I’m talking to the gals now…we work, raise children, ‘make’ the home amongst everything else! What does it mean to be lovely, wholesome and pleasing whilst doing all these things? I know I don’t possess these qualities 100% of the time, but I try my best. Although I do like to look nice, I’m more concerned with the wholesome attitude; promoting moral wellbeing and following a good ethical path through life. It’s something I’m striving to teach my girls, that our attitudes and the way we are, will affect others around us. Being lovely to be around is a nice thought too. If people want to spend time with you because you are nice to be around, then that’s a positive in my book :) I think we should all strive to be a blessing to other people, an encouragement and a help.

The pleasing appearance really does depend on the day, the time of the day and amount of minutes I have left in between keeping up the wholesome attitude and being pleasing! Haha



A dress! So I had a little look in Pookie, a gorgeous boutique in Silkstone. I was heading out that evening with the mums from school to see a Take That tribute band, and thought I might treat myself seeing as there was a sale on…would be silly not to :) It’s a little different to what I would usually go for, but think it’s always nice once in a while to step out of your wardrobe comfort zone.

payday48oliver_bonas_dress_some_win_short__893251_1Here it is. Vero Moda Peplum dress. However, my comfort zone was stretched to it’s limits when I stepped out of my front door and to my horror I glowed! Seriously, this baby has some kind of ultra violet enhancing, light sabre technology in it! Anyway it was too late to turn back so on I soldiered. I found I was able to show people, quite effectively, the way to the toilets like an airport runway.  #Silverling. Haaaa. All good fun!


So here endeth today’s musings. Thank you for joining me. We should do this again some time




One thought on “iMuse

  1. Love this blog.
    I recently finished reading ‘The Great Gatsby’ as saw the film and loved it, I wanted to get deeper into the characters & feel the love!
    Music is a massive passion of mine too,
    I love it all…everything from classical to heavy metal.
    Depends upon what mood I’m in ;-)
    Music, reading, homemaking etc is all about learning.
    I tell my children everyday that knowledge is power!
    I strive to show them if you can’t do something, it just means you have to try that bit harder next time :-)
    I need to take a shopping trip to Pookie!
    Your dress was stunning :-) xx


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