Rock with the Top Down


I’ve been in the studio again. I absolutely loved working on this project and I’m very proud to say I was part of it! It was a long time in the making. Have a look at these progress reports from the writers of the tracks.

It’s been titled Rock with the Top Down. Listen to it in the car (with the top down if you can) on a sunny evening and if at all possible find lovely country route to go on. I’m sure it’s enhanced by the surroundings. I guarantee if you weren’t smiling before you listened to these tracks, you will be soon after. Especially Free Your Mind!

It was great fun adding unusual harmonies, as the chord progressions don’t always go the way you would except them to.

It’s very reminiscent of many bands that I would say were influenced by the Beatles


Tom Petty

Head here to the Audio Network site and enjoy a listen, hey why not download a couple too 🙂 I like You and Me Forever, Free Your Mind and A New Beginning…then again Join as One is great too! Let me know which are your favourites.




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