Spring Exam Success…

Congratulations to Holly Jones on passing her Grade 1 Piano with the ABRSM. Holly came to me in September last year, having already started working towards her exam. We finished it off, polished it up and worked on the technical side of her work. She’s chilling out now with a bit of Ed Sheeran! I think it’s good to mix up highly technical pieces with music that forces you to play with more feel and by what sounds good to the ear. Another student; Sophie is working on her own compositions and some song writing, having been inspired to create some original pieces from the times she has sat down at the Piano and just played! The aim to is to get these finished and recorded for your listening pleasure 🙂

I have another three students working towards their Grades with the LCM syllabus. Henry'sI had a bit of a working lunch the other day…I was on my way to get some Theory handbooks bound and thought I’d catch up and read them through with a nice bite to eat at the same time. Henry’s Coffee and Wine Bar was the perfect place.

Any musicians out there…I’d be interested to know how you use your time during the week to practice. It’s the one thing that even I as a mum of children learning instruments struggle to get into the weekly routine. We encourage our students to practice don’t we, but good structure and scheduling is the key!


To all those who are learning to play instruments at the minute…keep going!!




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