“I Just Felt Like Running”

So this post is not really to do with anything I’m working on at the minute but it’s got everything to do with working towards something. Apologies now for all my friends reading this who have listened to me talk…rave…obsess about my running journey over the past few months. But it’s really taught me some lessons about sticking to something and seeing it through and finishing well!

Have you ever set yourself a goal? A challenge? A dare? or just had a mad idea? I did and I’ll definitely be doing it again. Last year a friend challenged me to train for a half marathon having successfully completed a few 1ok races. I’m not a natural runner, I was a bit like Bambi…on ice…after a few G&T’s! … but I trained, I read, I watched, and I trained some more and I started to get a bit better, I ran a bit further, I got a bit stronger and I started to see my calf muscles again ūüôā I ran with the best of friends and I ran alone, sprinted hills and trekked through fields, all with the goal of 13.1 miles in sight. In addition to that I wanted to make my efforts worth while and decided to raise money for Kirkwood Hospice.


For me, this run was not just about the miles under my feet, but the realisation of¬†the confidence I now have to strive for, and see through an idea that comes into my crazy little mind. It was learning about what my body can do with the proper fuel and not underestimating my determination to complete something that didn’t come easy to me.

Recently I’ve been excusing this challenge as ‘just¬†a half marathon’ and ‘only¬†13.1 miles’…and not allowing myself to feel proud of the achievement. But that’s why I wanted to write this post to encourage anyone facing their own personal goals, not to let anyone or anything stand in the way of your success.

Whether it be learning to play a musical instrument for the first time in your retirement years, deciding to branch out and start your own theatre school, working towards your exams or doing your first 5k park run…DO NOT apologise for your achievements or belittle them in comparison to someone else’s accomplishments.¬†IMG_5299

For a bit of business talk…these NuForce¬†Optoma bluetooth headphones were amazing. Fantastic deep sound, a good fit and served me well for every step I took. Also the shoe lace clips my mum gave me were a great gift! You can find similar here…IMG_3796

If you’re looking to be inspired for your own running play list get your close friends and family to pick a song to go in. I guarantee it will spur you on when it plays and you think of them cheering you on from wherever they may be. My kids also recorded some ‘keep going’ messages that I didn’t listen to until they came up in the playlist. Nothing like your little girls telling you they’re proud of you and ‘ I know you can do it’.

Sooo, after all that…a good few months training, learning to eat right, a couple of injuries and a few sports massages later, I ran my very first half marathon and I’m proud to say I ran it well, and finished well. Have a little look at my journey here if you fancy. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me for such a wonderful organisation. And massive thanks to all those who encouraged me along the way, trained with me and believed in me. You know who you are!


So whatever your personal goal and challenge is remember this…




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