Today I got to meet and work with a lovely group of people. Susanna Shotter heads up Aspire; a group set up to “help older people connect with and strengthen their community”. They have a rolling programme of interesting events that include a wide range of activities from craft sessions, local historians, guest speakers, and today they got me!!


I fear they almost ran a mile when they clocked my bright pink leggings, ballet shoes and speaker system hehe! However, I’m delighted to say everyone stayed to enjoy a gentle exercise and movement class.

Today I focused on giving a taster of exercises that appear in my classes, targeting the core muscles most importantly, with some exercises for the arms and legs as well.

Our simple square dance as a group concluded the morning and a nice cup of tea and a biscuit refueled us nicely.

So often we are told to exercise and keep moving, but for some that’s easier said than done. My classes provide those with limited mobility and restricted movement the opportunity to do just as much as they can manage with no pressure. After all anything is better than nothing 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning at Aspire, and am looking forward to going again. They meet every Thursday morning from 10.30am. Contact Susanna for more details and click here for more information too.




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