Twisted Fairy Tales…

Most schools run some kind of residential programme for their students, but sometimes, for various reasons not all will attend. So instead of pitching tents in a field by the river, as a small group of actors, dancers and performing arts teachers we set about developing some fun workshops for those students staying in sunny Halifax!

I’m sure we all have a favourite traditional Brothers Grimm story. Over the couple of days we looked at these stories from a few different angles…

What if Goldilocks had disturbed a burglar already in the bears house?

What if Hansel and Gretal were allergic to sugar?

What if Little Red Riding Hood wore a Hoodie?!!

What if Rapunzel tweeted that there was a party at her tower?!

We had fun exploring these old stories and putting a modern day twist on them. Using drama skills, popular music, dance and media technology the young people devised performances to be proud of. Jack Frost cursed Elsa with her powers and they declared war on each other, fighting with their armies of Marvel characters, Harry Potter’s friends and Dr Who!… you had to be there 🙂


Ryburn Valley High School is a fantastic school and sixth form college. Their core purpose is to “inspire young people with a love of learning, a zest for life and a genuine confidence to excel in a colourful world.” It was my pleasure to be part of the programme this week. Triestina Bozzo is the Director of Personal Learning and Creative Development and alongside her many other roles within the school, produces a range of performances, workshop programmes, open evenings and awards events that give students the opportunity to showcase their achievements throughout all areas of the school. Scenes from season 2 of Happy Valley were filmed at the school last year too! I love working with her!

Thank you Ryburn for a great few days!




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