Lifeline Kirklees

This week I worked with the Lifeline Kirklees team.

The mornings session welcomed visitors to the Cellar Theatre within Lawrence Batley TheatreDecked out with bunting and tables around the outside, we had plenty of space in the centre for our tea dance. I chose Pink Panther by Erick Alfaro for the smooth gliding movements of the Foxtrot, and the uptempo Olly Murs version of Dance With Me Tonight for an energetic Jive. Adapted slightly for non partner work the team and those attending the session joined in and looked wonderful from where I stood! One lovely couple put me to shame at the end as they took the dance floor and showed us how it’s really done. Was wonderful to watch! 

Life line 2

Yummy cakes and tea were served afterwards as we chatted with Creedence Clearwater and Nancy Sinatra playing in the background. 

The team do some amazing work with members of the community who may need their help and I was honoured to be asked to be part of the mornings events. Thank you!

Life line 1



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