Summer Music Practice

The school holidays are drawing to a close and music lessons will be starting again soon. I don’t know about you but I love being able to switch off for a few weeks, jump off the madness of the strict routine and take a break from constantly clock watching. However, the rest, for me is good because now my creative brain is getting back into gear and ready for the new term to begin. I’ll hear a piece of music and subconsciously start choreographing to it. I’ll see an image while out and about and I’m instantly transported into a performance that can be worked towards. The brain space helps to restore my creative juices and I’m looking forward to all the different projects coming up again.

If your child will be starting back to their music lessons, here are a few tips to help them get back into the swing of practicing again if you’ve had a break…

  1. Buy a nice new note book just for your practice recordcolored_pencils_pencil_positive_notebook_picture_11032_3840x1200

  2. Remind yourself of the last pieces you were playingpiano_fingers_reflection_bw_by_jclossphoto-d341nyz (1)

  3. Go back few pieces and play through these as a warm upmusic-notes-clip-art-png-139835101453 (1)

  4. In the last couple of holiday weeks, set aside maybe two days p/w. List in your new note book the things you want to practice, or work on, in preparation for the new term.

    Calendar with pushpins

  5. Play just 10-15 minutes per practice session and tick off your list as you go. Practise slowly and in phrases, don’t worry about playing through whole pieces.25-horloges-au-design-surprenant-et-cool-quon-voudrait-bien-avoir-chez-soi-2 (1)

I hope you have had a lovely summer and are ready for lots of creativity and learning as we leave the “Summertime” behind and get ready for “Baby it’s Cold Outside”!


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