Pyramid Schools Dance Festival…

Well, what a wonderful showcase of dance performances from all ages. Group pieces were so much fun to watch and the solos showed great skill! The A level pieces from Shelley College students were of a high standard and something wonderful for my young dancers to aspire to! Many thanks to the Shelley Pyramid Schools Partnership for organising a great event, and we look forward to performing again next year!

I was so proud of all my dancers and you can click this photo to see the video of bits of the performances.


You can read a little about the rehearsals here too.

Well done to all who performed and thanks to the parents for your continued support and encouragement in bringing the children to rehearsals and events.


Piano Time…

We are celebrating another exam success today. Freya is just 8 and took her first LCM Piano exam recently. Passing with a Distinction and wonderful feedback, I chatted to her about the process.

Out of the 4 main pieces, she enjoyed playing ‘Lord of The Dance’ the most. This surprised me as this was the one piece Freya battled with. In the few weeks running up to the exam she pulled out all the stops and it was lovely to hear her play it with confidence. When I asked her about it she said…

“It makes me smile. It wasn’t easy at first, but because I had to work hard on it I feel proud of myself. “

The practice process is always hard with everyone being so busy these days. The kids seem to have busier social lives than me! But I asked Freya about when she practices and this is what she told me…

“I played the harder pieces first so that when I was practicing, it felt like it got easier.”

I had never though about it this way but it’s a really interesting way of approaching practice times. I love learning from my students!


So well done Freya and well done all those who have worked hard towards exams this year. Enjoy playing some Christmassy tunes now 🙂



When I Dance…

IMG_7967 (1).jpg

So as you know I run a dance and gentle exercise class for people who find themselves with restricted movement and limited mobility. Have a quick read here...

This class brings me so much joy and it’s lead to working with other groups of a similar nature, for example Aspire and Jubilee Friends. One of the class members brought to my attention a competition run by ParkinsonsUK called When I Dance.

“The When I Dance competition raises awareness of Parkinson’s by bringing together dance communities of all backgrounds and abilities.” (

The premise to is create a video showing how dance makes us feel. I’ve always loved to dance, whether that be en pointe in my classical tutu or throwing some shapes at a friends birthday party! Dance, for me communicates what’s on the inside, the real person and all the different facets that make them who they are. I thrive on giving others that opportunity to feel such freedom regardless of age or ability.

On a side note I recently attended and Ariel Hoop dance class at Yorkshire Dance. Can’t tell you how much I wished I lived closer to the venue. It was so much fun!…But it was the slogen above, that was written on the windows that caught my eye. It’s so true…every ‘body’ can dance and move in some way. Any movement is good movement, and in turn there’s an outworking of something positive, physically and emotionally.

So, with all that said…please go and look at our video and see just how dance makes us feel. And if you like it, why not share it and raise awareness for all those who find themselves in a similar position.


Dance Club Fun…

So we hit the floor running in September and there have been lots of exciting things happening in my work schedule! Keep a check on some posts to come for all the details.

Two of my dance clubs are working hard towards a performance at Shelley College in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get a good video of the show. Organised by Shelley Pyramid Schools Partnership, schools in the local area come together to show their talents and performances they have been working on. It’s a great opportunity for the children. Have a look at our rehearsal pictures.

Denby Dale First and Nursery School have been learning how different dance shoes produce a different style of dance and with a medley of songs from Country to Rock, Musical Theatre to Pop it’s proved to be lots of fun.


Shelley First Dance Club will be bringing a ghouly dance where the Ghostbusters find themselves surrounded by lots of naughty white ghosts! Who ya gonna call???


We are all looking forward to the show! We hope you enjoy it if you manage to come and watch. Let us know what you think.