When I Dance…

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So as you know I run a dance and gentle exercise class for people who find themselves with restricted movement and limited mobility. Have a quick read here...

This class brings me so much joy and it’s lead to working with other groups of a similar nature, for example Aspire and Jubilee Friends. One of the class members brought to my attention a competition run by ParkinsonsUK called When I Dance.

“The When I Dance competition raises awareness of Parkinson’s by bringing together dance communities of all backgrounds and abilities.” (whenidance.uk)

The premise to is create a video showing how dance makes us feel. I’ve always loved to dance, whether that be en pointe in my classical tutu or throwing some shapes at a friends birthday party! Dance, for me communicates what’s on the inside, the real person and all the different facets that make them who they are. I thrive on giving others that opportunity to feel such freedom regardless of age or ability.

On a side note I recently attended and Ariel Hoop dance class at Yorkshire Dance. Can’t tell you how much I wished I lived closer to the venue. It was so much fun!…But it was the slogen above, that was written on the windows that caught my eye. It’s so true…every ‘body’ can dance and move in some way. Any movement is good movement, and in turn there’s an outworking of something positive, physically and emotionally.

So, with all that said…please go and look at our video and see just how dance makes us feel. And if you like it, why not share it and raise awareness for all those who find themselves in a similar position.



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